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App-FeaturesThe (now) fifth version of the app supports:

Displays EXIF-Tags & IPTC-Tags

... like dimensions, ISO speed, taken date, aperture, shutter-speed, image orientation, photographer, keywords, description, and a lot more.

editing of exif data

You can now edit the artist-, date-, camera-, camera-model-, copyright-, comment-, software-, keywords-, firmware-, category-, genre-, description-tags (and more) of your photos!
This app is editing the real exif data, not just the iOS-Metadata, like other apps do.

Display of infos directly inside of Photos-app and other apps

While you are watching photos in photos app or any other app (iMessage, WhatsApp...) you can take a look at the infos by using the new extension.

Save Presets

You can save your entries as preset and apply them to any photo you want. This way you save a lot of time, if you edit more than one photo.

Share your photo whithout or without meta-data

You can export your photos without metadata and/or share it with your friends. That also works with meta-data, of course ;).


Now you can see a histogram for every picture you are viewing.

Representation of geo-coordinates

Displays the geo-location like longitude, latitude, height, speed and more.

Protects your privacy

Removes metadata from your photos.

Supported formats


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Who made it?

Idea & development Thomas Oswald

I am a Product Owner at ZooRoyal, a REWE subsidiary in Cologne. I like to think outside the box and try out new things from time to time.

and why?

I like to take pictures. So I browse through my pictures from time to time, where I often notice photos because of their EXIF-data. Most of the time I want to add GPS tags or make them more precise, especially if the photos originate from my Canon camera.
So I was looking for a tool that would give me a quick overview of the data and image properties and allow me to change them. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything nice (or the ones I found didn't work well), so i sat down and wrote a software myself.